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2016 is our ninth season

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Our mission statement.
To relieve sickness and protect and preserve good health for persons facing cancer, in particular but not exclusively breast cancer, or persons in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness, within Cumbria and Lancashire, by providing or assisting in the provision for physical activity and recreation, notably dragon boating.

  • Warm up
  • Meet some members
  • Drummer for the Olympic Torch
  • A motley crew
  • Artemis Phyllis and Lucy at Low Wood
  • Paddle In Pink for cancer awareness
  • The fun of paddling
  • Dressing the dragon head
  • Jubilee Pageant Crew
  • Dublin Fun
  • Dublin Regatta Team
  • Exercise and effort
  • First paddle of the season
  • 'Flowers on the water', remembering family and friends
  • Helm Training
  • The joy of paddling
  • Olympic Inspire visit
  •  A moment of rest
  •  Another moment of fun
  • Meet the public in Port Edgar
  • Race practice
  • Best Dressed Boat Parade
  • Best dressed drummer
  • Jubilee Pageant Team
  • Ready to paddle
  • 'Dotting the Eyes' of the dragon.
  • A moment of relaxation
  • After the effort
  • 'Paddle in Pink' breast cancer awareness
  • Our beautiful dragon boats
  • Thank you for fund raising
  • A new boat,  Artemis Phyllis
  • Stroke Pair
  • Coaching session
  • Meet at Canada House
  • Team Hug
Paddlers for Life, Windermere is a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team.
We are a registered charity,
Charity Commission No. 1121539.
Our members are people who have been treated for cancer, most often breast cancer, or family members and friends or other supporters. We paddle dragon boats on Windermere at Low Wood Bay near Ambleside in Cumbria, UK. This exercise helps health and wellbeing both during and after treatment and also ameliorates some of the effects of treatment such as lymphoedema and tiredness. The friendship, shared experience and team spirit of paddling can be extremely supportive after a cancer diagnosis.
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