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International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission Participatory Festival, Sarasota, Florida, 2014.
News from the Paddlers for Life UK Team

Race Day 2

Dragon Boat Festival Parade

Paddlers for Life UK practice

The Opening Ceremony

Marie from Paddlers for Life Manchester walks the flag across the stage as the country's youngest paddler during the opening ceremony for the festival.

IBCPC 2nd Congress

A really early start! All smiles no matter what.
June and Mags provided a great representation supporting the changed definition to include people affected by Breast Cancer hereditary genes. A heartfelt effort!! However, the amendment was not approved. We'll keep trying...

The welcome is warm, humid & very, very pink!!!

What have Paddlers for Life been doing in Sarasota?

On a glorious day, we took a boat trip around Sarasota Bay, led by a marine biologist and a botanist. We saw dolphins, pelicans,several varieties of egrets, great blue herons habingers and much more. A brief stop on one of the islands educated us about mangrove trees & other plants, not to mention fire ants. Then we went fishing. A net was dragged behind the boat & we looked at a very interesting variety of sea life. The star of the show was a puffed up puffer fish. Lunch was at The Salty Dog overlooking the bay. Brilliant! And we even managed to hand out a few bookmarks. Eunice, Jenni and Barbara 


Paddlers for Life UK team.
An inclusive team of breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddlers are off to Sarasota to participate in an International Participatory Dragon Boat Festival. Paddling as a Paddlers for Life UK team there are members from Paddlers for Life Manchester, Paddlers for Life Windermere and Worcester Busters. They will be paddling in races against dozens of teams from across the world over two days as well as enjoying many other activities including a celebratory parade. It will be a chance to meet thousands of other breast cancer survivors and share a wonderful experience.

Cancer survivors and supporters from these teams who are staying in the UK will be sending them our encouragement, best wishes and good vibes. We will also be watching out for news of their exciting experience.


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News and Photos

Member Photos of Sarasota

Closing ceremony photo slideshow

Day 1 of races photo slideshow

Parade of Nations slideshow

Opening ceremony photo slideshow.


Opening ceremony Drone's Eye view.

Day 1, Drone's Eye view 2

Day 2 of Races

More of Day 2

Final Day Flower Ceremony
Drone's Eye view 3

News Stories
Pink Flower Shower ends Festival

Races over, Hope continues

Faces in the crowd

A dragon boat 'original'

Sarasota Day 1

Paddlers flocking to Sarasota

1000's Kick-off Festival

#WhyIpaddle, Tell your story

Brief History: Dragon Boat Paddling

Volunteers Prepare.

Participants Stories


YouTube video 1

YouTube video 2

YouTube Video 3

Paddlers for Life UK Results




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